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Smart monitoring is a fast developing company which goal is to provide the top of the shelf quality monitoring services in the model of business to business.

Our main clients are companies which core business is to protect people or property but want to specialise in other segment still requiring Monitoring Center. Our clients also include entities that maintain monitoring center dedicated only to their own needs.

The Smart monitoring team is made up of high class specialists in the industry who have been operating on Polish and European market for over ten years. We pay great attention to the selection of personnel which is crucial for Our Service quality.

Thanks to many years of experience we offer highly professional services on the market. Specialization allows us to continuously develop the technologies and services we provide.

That is unique about us

  • Completely independent monitoring center (CMS)
  • Partner and not competition for security companies
  • The highest standards of safety and procedures, under the supervision of an experienced team
  • New technologies access
  • Infrastructure and resources
  • Experienced operative, technical and IT stuff
  • Operating costs reduction (settlement in the “per object” model)

See what we offer

  • Dedicated operator
  • Full data and customer security
  • Remote access to data and software
  • Flexible reporting system
  • WWW and mobile applications
  • Modern technologies and services
  • Technical support
  • Status SUFO

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Promocja produktu - oprogramowania do monitoringu i obsługi zdalnego nadzoru nad kamerami REMOTE SMART MONITORING" to projekt realizowany przez Smart Monitoring Sp.zo.o. Uczestnictwo w programie promocji branży IT/ICT umożliwi przedstawienie firmy i jej produktów na arenie międzynarodowej. Udział w targach i realizacja działań z zakresu promocji spółki wpłynie na pozyskanie nowych kontaktów, uzyskanie silnej pozycji na krajowym i międzynarodowym rynku, a także zróżnicowanie źródeł przychodów. Wartość projektu wynosi 1 078 808,40zł. Wkład Funduszy Europejskich to 745 067,50zł.